Bollywood Show Group

From 12.09.2019 at house of Dance we will be starting a new group called Bollywood Show group. This group will be lead by Daniel paul and in this group we will be working on Show choreographies, Video shoot choreographies, working on techniques and formations and properties usage.

Who Can Join this:

This is an open group any people from the customers group can join this. The requirements for this group is one year and above of any of the dancing styles in sufficient:

What does it cost:

It cost the normal prices as other classes.

You can use your times card, monthly card or seasonal card for this course

Commitment period:

The commitment period for this course is from 12.09.2019-20.12.2019. Next season will start from January 2020.

Commitment is very important as the choreography will involve lots of position changes and Formations so it is important that students are committed to this group.

No of people for this group:

Maximum number of people for this group is 15 students!!

Register as soon as possible!!

If you would like to be a part of this group. Register by sending an email to

Topic: Bollywood Show group

Message: Your name and that you would like to be a part of this group.



Daniel Paul